Tax cut on Siliguri Tea Auction

The Bengal government has reduced Central Sales Tax (CST) at the Siliguri Tea Auction Centre, but refused to grant a complete waiver.

“The state government has now fixed the CST at one per cent instead of the earlier two per cent with retrospective effect from April 1, 2007,” S.K. Saria, the chairman of the Siliguri Tea Auction Committee, told today.

“After North Bengal Tea Auction Centre in Jalpaiguri was granted a complete waiver of CST last April, we requested the government for a similar waiver at our centre,” Saria said. He added that the reduction would encourage more buyers from outside the state to buy tea from the Siliguri auction centre.

Industry experts believe the reduction will encourage above the board trading with proper documents. Traders are said to resort to trading on the sly to evade CST.

Source: The Telegraph


Lord Purple said...

In the Name of Brutus, of New Delhi

Dames and Gents, Namaste!

I am The American who sojourned all the way to Darjeeling, to take a bus and a rickshaw to the sleepy mountain kingdom of Sikkim, Gangtok that is, to The University, to meet the Lama and discuss becoming a monk…during the Persian Gulf War. I am told the monks still talk about me. And I remember seeing Kanjanjunga, every morning when I woke up, silhouetted perfectly in the window, changing every moment as the sun shifted in the sky, sometimes snow billowing from the summit from the wind.
In my country presently, we are experiencing excruciating birth pangs, pained to be delivered. I wish to share with you some of my experiences, as you, India, have shared many of yours with me, in the hopes that we may preserve that which truly makes us Civilized.
In times unprecedented and tinged with despair, it is appropriate to reflect on the founding of my great nation. It was not with George Washington, but with Brutus, and not the one who killed Caeser. There was another who rebelled against the tyrant monarchy of Rome, The Tarquins. He wrote the Roman Constitution that would stand for 500 years. His sons sided with the monarchy. The monarchy lost. So to punish his sons and found a perfect union, he immolated his own sons. Machiavelli speaks fluently and voluminoulsy and voiciferously on this subject, in ‘The Discourses’, and yet is proved wrong on several counts by the miracle of America.
He says that a nation founded in servitude, as America was a colony, will never win its freedom. He also says that a nation founded on fertile soil that is easily defended, will in time loose all of its freedoms because it will become, eventually, inevitably, sloth and sated, and will forget to protect them.
As regards 'The DC Madam', I am personally involved. You can view my involvement at
Sometimes a mouse will lead you to a kat, and a kat can lead you to a rat and a rat, ironically, can lead you to the truth. And the truth, as they say, and as it is written, will set you free.

May all those who sincerely and patiently wait for freedom be free and may all those who desire to steal those freedoms find instead the dire consequences that accompany contempt for a great man like Brutus.

As regards Machiavelli,
eram sapiens tamen nefas
And again,
vox vocis publicus est vox vocis deus

May The Republic stand forever and bring the Glory of The World, with Dignity, into Its Treasury.