India to share spotlight at Global Dubai Tea Forum 2008

Dubai, Feb. 3, 2008 (WAM) -- India will share the spotlight at the upcoming second Global Dubai Tea Forum, organised by Dubai Tea Trading Centre (DTTC), from February 19-20, 2008 here at the Hyatt Regency.

DTTC announced that two unique events are being organised during the forum to familiarize the trade and consumers with the quality attributes of both Darjeeling and South Indian teas.

The Global Dubai Tea Forum will organise a tea tasting session of various Darjeeling teas, with the objective of providing an insight into the special characteristics of the world famous Darjeeling teas. In addition, the United Planters Association of Southern India and the Tea Board of India will host the fourth Golden Leaf India Awards: Southern Tea Competition (TGLIA-STC), which will recognise and acknowledge exceptional taste and quality among some 60 varieties of Southern Indian teas.

"With Dubai and DTTC's fast-growing recognition as an emerging hub for the global tea trade, our biennial forum has generated an extremely strong response from international tea-producing, trading and consuming communities," said Sanjay Sethi, Head of DTTC.

"In addition to facilitating networking and business development opportunities for members of the trade, events such as the Golden Leaf India Awards and Darjeeling tea tasting session underline DTTC's commitment to raising awareness of the industry towards driving global appreciation of different varieties of tea. We look forward to working closely with the Tea Board of India to make these dedicated events a success," he added.

Mrs. Priya Kumar, Director of Tea Promotion, Tea Board of India, said the West Asia-North Africa region, of which Dubai is an important trading hub, is a major market for Indian teas, and more than 35 per cent of India's total tea exports are to this region. "We are now looking towards promoting the higher-end and value-added teas in this market. We feel that the Global Dubai Tea Forum is the apt platform for the same as a cross-section of the global tea trade would be present here," she added.

While the unique characteristics of Darjeeling teas will be presented through a special tea tasting session, the South Indian teas will be showcased through a tea competition where the best estates of South India would participate and the winning teas would be selected by an international jury of up to eight expert tea tasters.