Tata Tea to restructure US operations

KOLKATA: Tata Tea Ltd is in the process of restructuring its US operations with a view to bringing down costs substantially, a top official of the company official said on Monday.

The company is consolidating its manufacturing facilities, which would be run under a unified entity, Tata Tea Managing Director Percy Siganporia told reporters here. Tata Tea markets brands like Tetley, Goodearth and 8'o Clock Coffee in the US market.

He said that the company's strategy towards the US market is that of cost management. Tata Tea is following different strategies in the various markets of the US, Britain, Canada and India, he added.

In Canada, the strategy followed by Tata Tea is that of product innovation. In standalone operation in India, he said that the company had been able to protect the bottom line while the towline growth was followed aggressively.

India contributed to nearly 26 per cent of Tata Tea's overall revenue. He said a top executive team of Tata Tea has been relocated to the UK. "The chemistry works better when the top executive team stays at the same location.'' Siganporia would relocat e himself from Kolkata to the UK.

From PTI