Family run tea garden sets example

A family-run tea estate in the Dooars has set an example to others in the region. It does not have any union, nor do the workers want it.

The Gopimohan tea garden is locally known as the “garden of five brothers” where all the five siblings run the show. All of them are directors of Jahury-Durga Tea Company Private Limited and hold the posts of office clerk, store clerk, head clerk, assistant manager and manager as well.

According to the youngest of the brothers, Pranablal Mukherjee, when their father, Jahurylal Mukherjee, passed away in 1971, he and his six brothers took over the reins of the garden. Two of his elder brothers have died since then.

One of the 30 permanent workers of the 45-hectare garden, Thuli Kami, said the owners treated them like their own family members. “We have no need for unions in the garden as we get all our dues on time,” she said.

Till a month ago, the estate had been selling plucked tealeaves to neighbouring gardens with factories. “But recently we installed a CTC plant spending Rs 3 lakh. We have a good relation ship with traders in Bhutan and have a ready market here for our manufactured tea,” Mukherjee said.

“Our father was one of the first Bengali planters in the Dooars to set up a garden in 1939 and we are proud to carry on his legacy,” said Alokelal Mukherjee, another brother.

Source: The Telegraph