Intuc threatens stir over tea issue

The Congress and its affiliate, the Intuc, have decided to launch an intensive movement against the Center and state if no steps are taken after the deadline for opening closed gardens ends on August 31.

The Union ministry for commerce and industry had specifically declared that owners of closed gardens should avail of the financial package and reopen their gardens by August 31 or else the estates would be acquired by invoking sections 16(D) and (E) of the Tea Act, 1953.

“We will wait for one week after the deadline before resorting to demonstrations, blockades and rallies,” said Aloke Chakravorty, the Darjeeling district president of the Intuc.

The decision follows the announcement made by the Coordination Committee of Tea Plantation Workers — an apex body of tea trade unions — to start a movement in October to demand workers’ benefits like housing, health and drinking water.

Source: The Telegraph