The offerings at Kolkata were 1,83,368 (1, 78,537) comprising 1,48,434 (1,31,620) of CTC/Dust, 29,198 (40,914) of Orthodox and 5,736 (6003) of Darjeeling Tea. In other words, the offerings of Orthodox and Darjeeling Tea have dropped. 

The offerings at Guwahati were 1, 35,625 (1, 15,335) and at Siliguri 1, 10,328 (99,360). 

Selected clean and liquoring Assam CTC teas were irregular around last while the remainder were lower. Well made Dooars sold readily while the remainder tended irregularly easier. There was good support from Tata Global and Hindustan Unilever. Western India dealers were active for the liquoring sorts. 

The inquiries from North India and local sections were fair. Exporters operated on the bolder brokens and fannings. 

Orthodox whole leaf grades sold at firm rates. Brokens and fannings were steady around last levels. Continental buyers operated on the tippy sorts. 

Source: The Hindu