Tea output in first seven months up 6.37%

India's tea production in the first seven months of current calendar has increased by 6.37 per cent over the same period of last year, reveals an analysis of the latest data available with Tea Board and producers' organisations. Between January and July, production increased to 491.59 million kg (mkg) from 462.16 mkg during Jan-July 2010. This increase of 29.43 mkg marks a growth of 6.37 per cent. The increase would have been more had it not been for a decline of 3.60 mkg in South Indian production. North India posted a gain of 33.03 mkg. North Indian output rose by to 348.14 mkg from 315.11 mkg. Assam continued to dominate India's tea map with a production of 234.32 mkg (last year: 204.50) accounting for 47.67 per cent (44.25 per cent) of the country's overall output. West Bengal's production increased to 110.38 mkg (107.33) of which, the share of Darjeeling tea, hailed to be the tea champagne, was 4.99 mkg (4.20). South India's production dropped to 143.45 mkg from 147.05. Tamil Nadu's output declined to 100.19 mkg from 103.27 mkg. Kerala and Karnataka also posted lower production. Source: Business Line